Sunday Opportunities

9:00-10:00 AM - Bible Study (for all ages)
10:15-11:30 AM - Extended Session (babies-3 year old class)
                          - Children's Church for 4 years through 3rd Grade
                          - Morning Worship Service
6:00 PM - Kids D Group (for 1st-5th Grade)
              - Evening Worship

Tuesday Opportunities

10:30 A.M. Women on Mission (2nd Tuesday of each month)

Wednesday Opportunities

5:00-5:30 PM - Children's Handchimes rehearsal (for 4th-6th graders school year months)
5:00-5:45 PM - Fellowship Supper (by reservation year round)
6:00-7:30 PM - G-Force (1st-5th graders from school start until mid-November)
                       - Kids Praise (1st-5th graders from mid-November-Christmas program)
                       - Kids Praise Station (1st-5th graders from January - May)
                       - Preschool Missions & Choir for 4K & Kindergarten (school year months)
                       - Prayer Meeting, Bible Study, and monthly Business Meeting for adults
                       - Youth Activities (year round)
                       - Adult Choir Rehearsal (year round)

Summer Opportunities

5:00-5:45 PM - Fellowship Supper (by reservation)
6:00-7:30 PM - Preschool & Children activities for 4k-5th grade
6:00-7:00 PM - Prayer Meeting, Bible Study, and monthly Business Meeting
                       - Youth Activities
                       - Adult Choir Rehearsal