350 children in crisis are served by ABC Homes annually from birth through college age. 2,500 Arkansas children, families and individuals receive counseling each year.

We need:
1. SPONSORS for individual children at our Home for Children in Monticello, ages K-18 or our Boys Ranch in Harrison, ages 12-18. Sponsors commit to send any amount of money up to $200 monthly to help with educational expenses, allowance, clothing, camp & retreat fees, music or art lessons, medical and dental, personal grooming items, sports uniforms & equipment, special events, recreation and bedroom furnishings. Personal updates are sent to sponsors monthly from the campus where their child lives.

2. FAMILY FRIENDS - After the interview and application process, a police check is required before this long term personal relationship of friendship is established with a specific child. The child spends holidays, school breaks and other special days in their home and participates in family outings and trips. Family Friends are needed for children in Monticello and Harrison.

3. SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSES or other groups who will PRAY monthly for our children and send items listed on the SMILEmaker Monthly Mission Guide available on ABC Homes website.

4. INDIVIDUALS or COUPLES who will remember our children in their wills or trusts.

5. VOLUNTEERS who will bring their own supplies to serve on work crews to paint or repair buildings or help with landscaping or maintenance projects.

6. CARS, TRUCKS, VANS and FARM or RANCH EQUIPMENT in good condition.

Contact: Mary Lou Heard


This team is responsible for providing baked bread for visitation teams and ministry outreach projects.

Recipe for Success - Members of the Bread Ministry team are asked to bake fresh loaves of bread, wrap well in foil or plastic (plastic wrap is preferred), and deliver to church at pre-set times to be distributed by visitation teams or ministry teams. The loaves of bread look extra special when wrapped with a pretty ribbon or raffai. The bread should be placed in a freezer bag and labeled with the kind of bread and the date. The bread should be sweet bread such as banana, apple, strawberry, or the baker's favorite. No nuts should be added to the bread.

Who's baking - Anyone who loves to cook and share good food with others would enjoy this ministry.

If you have any questions or to volunteer, contact Marilyn Calva.



Purpose: The Caring Center exists to meet physical needs as well as spiritual needs. The North Pulaski Baptist Association presently works with three Caring Centers, two in Jacksonville and one in North Little Rock. Centers are stocked with food through donations from churches in the North Pulaski Baptist Association.

How Can I Be Involved: Donate canned soup or stew by dropping them in the collection boxes located in the Adult Education foyer. Volunteers staff all Caring Centers and are always needed. Volunteers register, interview, witness and visit with each person who comes to the Center for assistance. Volunteers also help restock the shelves by unpacking boxes of donated food.

Time Commitment: The time commitment is flexible based on your schedule.

Center Locations/Hours of Operations:

  • Calvary Baptist Church, 5024 Lynch Drive, North Little Rock - 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month (1:00-4:00 PM)
  • Berea Baptist Church, 114 E. Valentine, Jacksonville  - Tuesday/Thursday (10:00 AM - 1:30 PM)
  • Maddox Road Baptist Church, 702 E. Maddox Road, Jacksonville - Thursdays (6:30-8:00 PM)

Contact: If you would like to be blessed by assisting in this ministry, contact Donna Kinder.


CHILDREN'S CHURCH (for 4K thru 3rd grade)

A special time of worship is provided for children during the time their parents are in the main worship service. Volunteers are needed on a weekly basis to assist the leaders. If you would like to volunteer, please complete a Volunteer Form.


EXTENDED SESSION CARE (for babies thru 3 year olds)

Preschool care is provided during the worship services for babies through those in the three year old class. Volunteers are needed to assist with a paid worker. You can work once a month, quarter or year depending on what you are willing to commit. If you have been a member for at least six months and are at least 18 years of age, to sign up,. complete the Extended Session Sign-Up Sheet and contact Brenda Hilliard.



The purpose of this ministry is to provide meals and visits to any person and their caregiver, if one is there, that can use our services. We provide meals to the homebound, people who have just had surgery or an accident, people who have a serious illness, and new parents.

The teams meet in the church kitchen every Friday at 10:00 a.m. The time you spend in each home depends on the needs at that time. You will be put on a team that cooks and delivers only once a month.

You can be a part of this ministry by cooking a dish, delivering the food to a home and visiting with them. If you are not capable of doing both of these you may just do one.

In order to receive a blessing, or be a blessing, you must love people and want to meet their needs.

If you know of anyone that can use the services of this ministry team, contact the church office with their name and a contact phone number.

Contact: Barbara Shirley



The FBC Sherwood Intercessory Prayer Ministry was begun on February 1, 1993. The purpose of this ministry is to intercede before God for the personal and corporate concerns of our church.

Prayer requests can be received by: 1) writing the concerns on prayer cards which are located in the church pews and then placing these cards in the offering plate; 2) calling the church office; 3) notifying the Intercessory Prayer Coordinator, Assistant Coordinator or one of the other Intercessory Prayer Warriors. All prayer requests are strictly confidential and are not discussed outside of the Intercessory Prayer Room.

Qualifications of Intercessory Prayer Warriors
The Prayer Warriors in this ministry make a commitment to pray for one hour each week at an appointed time in the Intercessory Prayer Room at the church.

If you are interested in getting involved in this important ministry, contact the church office.



The purpose of this ministry team is to provide an opportunity for our church family to interact and assist our family and community members who reside in local nursing homes. This unique ministry affords all of us a chance to use our talents. It's a wonderful way to share with people that are unable to live unaided in our community. The team meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 10:00 AM in the dining room of the center. The team currently go to center located at 3600 Richards Road, North Little Rock. During the visits each month the team members visit with the residents, sing songs, and take cookies or a cake to share with them.

Ministry Needs:

  • Make cookies or cakes for distribution to residents
  • Visitors to spend time with the residents
  • Anyone willing to help with singing
  • Piano player to accompany the group

If you are interested in joining this ministry team, contact the church office.



The purpose of this group is to provide an opportunity for senior adults to get to know and become better acquainted with other senior adults. Members give support, spiritually, emotionally, and physically to one another. Meals are often provided for shut-ins.

This group meets once a month on the third Thursday for food (potluck), fellowship, fun, education, and Bible Study. Meetings range from potluck meals with a program to a day trip to a local site. Special events (trips, Senior Adult Conferences, eating out fellowships, recreational events and educational opportunities) are scheduled through the year.

Anyone who loves people can serve with Senior Adults. Members serve as ministry volunteers in several local ministries including at the church, hospice, hospitals, homebound, and library.



The purpose of this team is to assist with the coordination of weddings, supplies, cleaning of tablecloths, returning items to proper storage, and to assist the bride during the rehearsal and wedding.

The Wedding Committee consists of a chairman, a vice-chairman and at least ten members. The chairman and vice-chairman will serve for two years and then a committee member will assume the duties and the chairman and vice-chairman will rotate off. Committee members will serve for a two year period and will either rotate off or assume the chairman or vice-chairman position. A member may sign up for an additional two year period. Committee members will rotate being present at weddings. The chairman will contact them for availability.

The time commitment is flexible based on your schedule.

If you are interested in volunteering for this team, contact Jeannie Reffner.