Schedule Your Wedding

The church is available to church members or immediate family for weddings. The church does not schedule weddings on Sundays, holidays, or later than 4:00 PM on Saturday afternoons. (Saturday afternoon weddings/receptions must be completed by 6:00 PM.)

Confirming Dates

  1. Tentative dates may be cleared by telephone with the pastor's secretary.
  2. A Wedding Reservation Form must be completed and returned to the pastor's secretary and approved at the next staff meeting to be placed on the church calendar. Payment is due with the wedding form. Money will be returned if the wedding is cancelled.
  3. Keys must be checked out through the pastor's secretary and must be returned the next working day after the wedding.
  4. If the Pastor or any staff member is involved, the date must be cleared with them.

The Cost

There is no cost for the use of the building for church members and their immediate family. The fees listed below are for services used:

  • Janitor Fee for the Sanctuary - $75.00
  • Janitor Fee for the Fellowship Hall - $75.00
  • Sound Fee - $50.00
  • Kitchen Supervisor (if equipment is used) - $25.00

These fees do not include those who participate in the ceremony. Money paid to the pastor, instrumentalist, and vocalists are personal matters and should be cared for in that manner.

General Policies

  1. Pulpit furniture will be moved by the church custodian. Any other furniture to be moved will be moved and returned by wedding party immediately following the wedding ceremony.
  2. Please, no tape, nails or tacks in the pews to hold decorations.
  3. No chalk or crayon marks on carpet.
  4. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the church property.
  5. Smoking is not permitted in any building.
  6. Birdseed, not rice, may be thrown after the ceremony. Hand out the bags outside the building.
  7. All candles are to be used with proper protection (including non-drip).
  8. Real rose petals are not to be thrown in the sanctuary.
  9. The kitchen, if used, must be left as it was found. Plates, cups, etc. must be put away.


We believe that wedding music should reflect and enhance the theme of a service. When making your selections, ask yourself if the music would be appropriate for church use. You are welcome to discuss the music with our Minister of Music, church organist, or church pianist. All are acquainted with the church's guidelines concerning music and can assist you in appropriate selections.

As a matter of courtsey, music should be supplied to the soloist and instrumentalist at least one month prior to the wedding date.